Referencing existing key-values in neptune.yaml


I would like to reference existing key-values in my neptune.yaml file. Is this possible?

For example

  data_dir: /path/to/my_data_dir
  large_data_dir: ${{ data_dir }}/large
  small_data_dir: ${{ data_dir }}/small

I would like to re-use the existing data_dir value for defining the path to my large and small data set.


Hi Elvis,

Sadly, we don’t support this feature in our config currently.

I’ll talk about it with our team, but in the meantime, you can always do something like:

data_dir = ctx.params['data_dir']
large_data_path = "{}/{}".format(data_dir, ctx.params['large_data_dir'])
small_data_path = "{}/{}".format(data_dir, ctx.params['small_data_dir'])

Using config like:

  data_dir: /path/to/my_data_dir
  large_data_dir: large
  small_data_dir: small