Neptune release 2018.02.08


We are planning a maintenance break from 8am to 10am UTC on Thursday.


New version of Neptune (branch 2.6) has been just released.

NOTE: You have to upgrade your neptune-cli:
pip install -U neptune-cli

In case of login problems, please clean cache and reload page - sometimes there is some webbrowser’s cache issues.



The new version brings some improvements:

The configuration of the notebook experiment is getting better.
You can now easily choose the right settings for your notebook experiment.

  1. The type of worker is now provided with its cost per hour,
  2. The list of available libraries depends on the worker type and python version of your choice. Only compatible libraries will be displayed,
  3. Your choice is also displayed as you would configure it via CLI command.
  4. Before you start a new notebook with input files, Neptune verifies if the given path exist on the storage.

You can now click on directory or file listed in the input files table (on the properties page) and jump to the right place in the file browser.


When you delete a project containing at least one running experiment, you will now be notified of this fact. Running experiments will be instantly aborted and the project will be deleted.

In Browse files, it is now easier to navigate to the uploads directory which is placed on the top of the list. This is very handy when your project contains many other directories.


Please, let us know what you think about those changes. Cheers,


Is the platform still down? I cannot login, remains stuck:

UPDATE: Issue solved after clearing cache as suggested above.