Launched: Track, Organize, Collaborate - Meet the new, updated Neptune


Hello folks! :wave:

We have released a new version that is even more lightweight and easy to work with.

Have a look at our new webpage, that explains the direction our product is taking.

Neptune is focusing on 3 pillars:

  1. Track: Neptune is a vault that stores all the artifacts relevant to a data science project: input data, visualizations, notebooks, models, results and so on.

  2. Organize: Neptune provides building blocks for creating a complete knowledge repository by structuring and indexing everything you track.

  3. Collaborate: Finally, every piece of knowledge organized in Neptune can be shared, discussed and reviewed - in the privacy of your team or at a public forum.

What are the most significant changes?

By talking to our users and Data Science community at large, we realized that what people really need is flexibility and easy integration. We listened, and made Neptune extremely lightweight and easy to run everywhere. What it means is that:

  • You are no longer forced to use CLI to run your experiments. You can include Neptune in any Python code (scripts, Jupyter notebooks, etc) and run it anywhere - be it your favourite cloud or your laptop!

  • We chose to no longer provide infrastructure. In our research we discovered that users rarely need a managed infrastructure solution - instead, they asked us for something that fits in with any existing setup. In short: you choose where to run and how to run it - Neptune will fit.

  • We’ve vastly extended our Python API. You can now define experiments, log any type of data, analyze historical experiments, run hyper-parameter optimizations, etc - right in your code. You can now even treat your exploratory analysis as an experiment and log that to Neptune!

What does it mean for you?

You will receive an email with detailed information about how that change affects your account (if it affects it at all).

Please be informed that all the accounts created after 08.03.2019 are already using the newest version.

Old projects will not be automatically transferred to the new product version. If you would like to have your projects and experiments transferred to the new UI please send us an email to

If you have not yet switched to the new version I would like to let you know that the previous version will be maintained until 31.07.2019. In case you will not update your account it will be automatically updated to the new version as of 01.07.2019.

Read more about tracking, organization and collaboration in Neptune on our blog and in the new documentation.

Wondering how to start working with the new Neptune?

Neptune has now more tracking options, all simply available from the python code. Check out Tutorial in the nutshell.

Stay tuned for more news about the new features. They are coming soon!!

Meanwhile, feel free to contact me with any trouble related to the product update or any other questions you might have.

As always, this time more than ever, I’m very curious what you think about the changes we introduced to Neptune!



Hi Paulina,

The managed infrastructure part was what I most liked about Neptune… so this is really unfortunate :frowning: Can you recommend any other service that provides that part even if I continue to use Neptune for the experiment tracking part (which is also awesome by the way)?