Feature requests

Update to PyTorch 0.3 (3)
Update to keras 2.1 (2)
Keras_upgrade_request (2)
Feature Request: Searching by Tag (2)
Automatic opening of the right panel (2)
Source file browsing (4)
Please add TensorFlow 1.4 environment (3)
Yaml should allow text parameters (10)
Make text channel available as Dashboard column? (5)
Allow a way to re-order dashboard columns (4)
Time-stamps in console logs (7)
Ssh to a gpu machine? (2)
Resizing /dev/shm? (10)
Programmatically dump data in /uploads/ directory? (3)
Periodic job scheduling (2)
Some combinations of workers and environment do not work (2)
Multiple GPU clusters (2)
Support for Ray distributed execution library (2)
Description in property could be better displayed (4)
Neptune send in "write" mode (10)
Tag search at entire project (2)
Stdout, stderr should be displayed first among channels (2)
Launch jupyter notebook from cmd line (2)
Launch shell in code directory (2)
Chainer support? (2)
Show diffs between 2 experiments (3)
Grid search without requiring neptune client calls in code (11)
Search functionality should be broadened (1)
Tags not flexible enough (2)
Show duration in experiment summary view (2)