Uploading the files


One more question: are you using Windows or Linux?


Thank for feedback. I use Windows.
I havent worked in cloud previously. Correct please order of my actions: I start new notebook in cloud, import Neptune (from deepsense import neptune), to access data on my computer i type: neptune data upload ~/Foldername/15_20_dupl.csv


Hello Alexander.
If you are using Windows just use full filename starting with c:\\ (~ is Unix current user home directory), like in:

neptune data upload c:\\15_20_dupl.csv

You can also go to the directory with your file in it, and run command like that:

neptune data upload 15_20_dupl.csv

I that does not work, I am afraid it is our fault. We have a bug in neptune data upload that causes it not to work on Windows. We did not make sure to test everything accordingly on Windows. We will try to prioritize it accordingly.


Look please on my Neptune notebook:

from deepsense import neptune

neptune data upload C:\15_20_dupl.csv
File “”, line 1
neptune data upload C:\15_20_dupl.csv
SyntaxError: invalid syntax


Or other question. I want to have access to Kaggle dataset. Maybe there are some other ways to do this?


You use neptune data upload to upload data upfront to a folder shared by all your experiments and notebooks. Then if, when starting a notebook, you declare uploaded file/dirctory as input (https://docs.neptune.ml/advanced-topics/notebooks/#using-notebooks-in-neptune), you can use it inside your notebook. You do not use neptune data upload command inside your notebook.

But, you can also download data inside notebook. Just use this command inside a cell:

!wget <your_url>

Note: ! at the beginning tells jupyter it is a shell command.

NLP challenge, GloVe+FastText

We also have some public datasets inside /public directory.
The following command inside a notebook:

! ls /public/

gives the following output:

Cdiscount  cifar  dsb_2018_data  minerva  models  toxic_comments  whales


wow )) write now i have access to data )) thank you for your help ))


can I download results from Notebook on my local machine with Windows?


or maybe there are some other ways to receive results of work?


Just use UI. Click on your experiment. On the left hand side panel in your experiment’s dashboard there is Browse Files link. Click on it. A new panel on the right will appear. Enjoy!


Thank you )) this is decision ))
Sorry one more time. I tried to find smth again but can’t…
Where can i find possible ways to increase my deposit?


On your main page (You get there by clicking Home) you have info about your payment plan. Click on Upgrade Neptune and you will see all possible options. If you wish, you may subscribe to Individual Plan (It is 5$ a month + computing and storage costs).


Thank you ) i will try


Can i set max limit on my card for security reason?


Sure - you are charged as you go for the amount you spent.
However, if the payment is rejected, you might get blocked


Thank you ) how can I control my limit? Give me please link for page where i can set max limits.


You need to set limits in your credit card provider. It is not possible to set limits in neptune. @hubert.jaworski.nept meant that if we cannot charge you for your experiment (you have limit on your credict card, payment is rejected or any other reason) you will be blocked and you will not be able to run any other experiment.


Thank you. I understand. Good luck.