Launched: Preemptible workers


Hi! :wave:

We are excited to announce that preemptible workers are now available at Neptune.

Preemptible workers

Those highly affordable but potentially short-lived compute instances, are offering the same machine types as regular worker types for up to 5 times cheaper than regular price.

They can be preempted at any point of experiment’s execution and cannot run for longer than 24 hours.

Take a look on the pricing page to check the price/h difference.


These types of workers are suitable for experiments which can snapshot theirs execution state frequently and continue execution from previously snapshotted state.

Preempted experiment will end up in Asset%203 state.

To run experiment on preemptible s-k80 worker use:

 --worker s-k80-preemptible  

option in neptune send command.

:mag_right: Did you know that…

You can use experiment’s output as input in another experiment.

Simply add

--input /SHORT_EXP_ID/output

in new experiment’s inputs.

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