Hidden charts get reseted if I jump to another experiment


Not sure if it’s feature-request or bug-request.

From what I can see Neptune front-end tries to remember what charts were hidden by user.

  1. If I go from experiment page to organization home page and than open my experiment again it will remember what charts were hidden. Similarly with experiments list for project.

  2. But if I open any other experiment it gets reseted.

My use-case: I have generic codes that dumps various metrics as Neptune channels. It means that some of the channels are not useful at all times for me and I don’t want to see them 99% of my time. Every time I open my experiment first thing I do is hiding half of my channels.

Now, with my workflow of having charts that I am not interested 99% of the times it quickly gets very frustrating to hide the same charts over and over again if I need to switch between my experiments.

Ideally imho Neptune should remember ‘what-channels-were-hidden-for-each-job’ for each experiments so if I keep switching between experiments it doesn’t get reseted every time.


Hi @ajk.

it is a bug and we will fix it in the next release.

For now as a workaround I think you can define your own charts’ set manually for your project.
In this charts’ set you will omit charts you don’t want to display. You will define this charts’ set only once per whole project so it should be quite convenient to use it in each experiment.



Thx, workaround works for me (however I wish I could reorder charts in my view using simple drag and drop)