Filtering channels based on a regex (similarly to tensorboard)


In tensorboard user can filter out channels using a regex. Similar thing would be usefull for my use-case.

In my experiment I am running benchmark scenario once in while and I have distinct channel for each benchmark values.

Ex, I have channels:

  • benchmark__SCENARIO1__mean_score
  • benchmark__SCENARIO1__sum_score
  • benchmark__SCENARIO1__episodes
  • benchmark__SCENARIO2__mean_score
  • benchmark__SCENARIO2__sum_score
  • benchmark__SCENARIO2__episodes
  • (…) other scenarios

If I could filter out channels using regex, I could quickly check out charts for SCENARIO1. Or I could quickly check out mean_scores for all scenarios. Regex gives me flexibility here!


Hi @ajk,

Thanks for the request. We’ll try to fit it into our roadmap.