Downloading whole folder


Hi, I think that it would be great if one could download the whole folder packed to tar or zip with one click. Sometimes it’s very helpful to download the whole source code or whole “images” folder.

Now you have to download all files separately, which is very time-consuming. You can also download the files by creating a new project with jupyter notebook, that has access to the files, and then pack everything inside a notebook, and then download it… It’s really inconvenient.


Hi @andrzej.pyskir,

Have you tried neptune data download?

It downloads entire directories.


Thanks a lot, it does solve my problem.

Although it is not necessary, I still think that downloading folders from website would be convenient.

Thank you.


Hi @piotr.lusakowski and @andrzej.pyskir,

+1 to this idea -> ability to download directories directly from the website in the same way as you download files.