Code difference between experiments


I would be nice if despite having explorer of Source Code, there would be an option to display the difference between code in current experiment and other one.
This would be useful if we get a question from teammate.
Currently the easiest way is just show him all code (without marked any changes in code).

I’m not sure if this is best idea, but some ways of getting comprehensive summary of changes in code would be useful (also hyper-parameters changes).

I mean sth like in lab:


Hi @melgor,

We thought about it and it is something we’re definitely going to do. We intend to add a full-fledged Git integration at some point. As a temporary solution, the best I can offer is an advice to use your own Git repo and let Neptune track which commit the experiment was executed from - this way you can easily point your teammate to the commit in question and they can see the diff themselves.