A `neptune run` that does not upload any files


Hi, so I understand neptune send will need to upload the entire directory to reproduce the script.

It seems like if I wanted to run models locally, neptune run doesn’t need to send any files (outside of logs) to keep track of experiments. I think speed of experimentation would be more important than reproducibiity at the start of a project.

I’ve had problems with having the snapshot being too large, unknown upload errors on the server, or accidentally sending sensitive information to your servers (how secure are they?).

It would be nice to have a bare bones option that only sends logs when reproducibiity is less of a concern (maybe ability to use wildcards in exclude).



Hi @tokestermw,

Your propositions are interesting. We will take it into consideration. For now you can use neptune in offline mode. Use this command in your working directory neptune run --offline. It won’t send even logs to neptune though.


We have a similar thread about it. An "include" flag, similar to the "exclude" flag

For now you can put following line in your neptune.yaml file:

exclude: ['*']


oh great, that works thanks!